• Photograph by OmobaPhotography.com

    ‘Baby Brain’ and Other Myths

    Yesterday my son turned one! (“Where does the time go?!”, “They grow up so fast!”, etc.) After Media Diversified’s summer break my column ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ is back and I’m reflecting a little…

  • Legacy

    Legacy: A Short Story

    The homecoming ritual began as soon as Catherine stepped off of the bus. Stopping by a wall, she set down her bag and fished inside for her gold pocket mirror. She had become quite…

  • Tols-3585

    Tols of South London

    This is my friend Tols. The other day we met up to go to the #ShoutOutLive show, but before we went there, I shot some portraits of her to break in my 35mm lens. (I…

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    Notes On Friendships

    At the beginning of September it will be nine years since I left Birmingham to try my luck down in ‘The Big Smoke’. Moving to London was always something that I knew I would…