Hire Me




Let me just toot my horn for a moment: I’ve done a lot.

My photography and film work has appeared in The Guardian, The Metro, and The Voice Newspaper (amongst other places), and also been broadcast on London Live and OH TV. As a visual artist I’ve exhibited across the UK, in both solo and group exhibitions, and also internationally.

After I graduated from Kingston University’s Graphic Design and Photography BA, I’ve worked within the creative industry for award-winning photographers, charities, fashion and beauty start-ups, haircare brands, and respected publications. I’ve been an assistant producer on high-profile advertising shoots, produced content and ran social media for exciting hair and beauty brands, creatively directed and produced shoots ranging from fashion look books to music videos, and also published books and zines.

My skills are varied but heavily centred on the visual arts, creative production and social media. You can view my visual portfolio and don’t forget to check my LinkedIn profile for recommendations and endorsements.

I’ve spoken at the Houses of Parliament, and appeared on TV, radio, and at youth conferences. I’ve also facilitated workshops for “marginalised” young people, as well as worked within schools and universities delivering workshops and guest lectures. Like I said, I’ve done a lot.

So what do you need? I’m available for creative direction, filmmaking and photography projects, and particularly open to opportunities that involve public speaking, as well as workshops and guest lectures and talks. Email me: jeni [@] jendella [.] co [.] uk