Here’s the part where I try and condense the fullness of my existence into a paragraph that makes me sound interesting enough for you to pay attention. Let’s start off with the fact that my name is Jendella, I’m twenty-something years old and live in south London, but I’m originally from Birmingham.


I’ve just finished a long-term project called Young Motherhood, and I write for Black Ballad. Previously I’ve been a columnist for Media Diversified, MTV UK, and Christian Today as well as had work featured in The Guardian, The MetroThe Voice Newspaper, and on London Live and OH TV. My work has been exhibited across the UK, most recently at the House of Commons and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, and once it even made it’s way over to Canada!

I’m a TEDx speaker who has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, as well as speaking at conferences and universities. Extra-curricular activities include a podcast with my homie Tols, aptly named Tols x Jendella, and a pet project/photoblog called South of the River.

I’m represented by Juliet Pickering at Blake Friedmann.


I’m wife to a husband who isn’t around at the moment (sad story, I’ll tell you about it another time), and mother to a son who is obsessed with cars. I have a whole cupboard full of herbal tea concoctions, UK Grime and Hip Hop is the soundtrack to my entire life, and I still wear tracksuits and don’t care if you judge me for it. I don’t like: winter, DJs that don’t mix, and small talk. I do like: long conversations with strangers, duvet days, and receiving hand-written letters in the post. And books. I have too so many books.

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