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The Truth About ‘Teen Mom UK’

Let me be honest: the first time I got an email from MTV about Teen Mom UK, I was a bit…sceptical. The American Teen Mom series has had its fair share of controversy, and I was wondering what they hoped to do with the British series. The second time I got an email, I went into the MTV offices for a meeting and I was pleasantly surprised – and encouraged – by the generally positive and sincere motivations.

From the outside we often have the idea that “reality TV” is purposefully exploitive, but with Teen Mom UK, I think there is a real opportunity for a wider conversation to be had about the “issue” of teen pregnancy and motherhood. Of course, this will only happen as long as we put aside our preconceptions and the ingrained stereotypes that our society holds so dear, and maybe I’m naive, or idealistic, but I have hope…

Anyways, I wrote an introduction to the series which you can read over on the MTV UK website, and hopefully I’ll be writing some more about the various themes and issues that come up as the series continues to air.

There are some extended previews also available to view over on the MTV website.

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