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‘Baby Brain’ and Other Myths

Photograph by OmobaPhotography.com

Yesterday my son turned one!

(“Where does the time go?!”, “They grow up so fast!”, etc.)

After Media Diversified’s summer break my column ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ is back and I’m reflecting a little bit on the perceptions (and misconceptions) about motherhood in our society…

I hate the term ‘baby brain’. It feels like an inside joke amongst mothers that uttered by any other person feels patronising. It suggests a certain type of ditzyness due to your brain turning to mush, like being around an infant all day every day somehow mentally incapacitates you. But ‘baby brain’ is not really a thing. Let’s just call gardening equipment by their correct names: we do not have ‘baby brain’, we are exhausted.”

Read the rest of the column here.

Photograph by Omoba Photography.

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