Podcast: Tols x Jendella – “It’s Recording…”


I love podcasts. I listen to them more than I listen to music! Not many people know this, but I did record a couple of episodes of a podcast a few years ago. I showed it to a bunch of friends, the feedback was generally positive, but as often happens my flash of inspiration got overtaken with other concerns.

So when the homie Tols tweeted this back in March I texted her more or less straight away saying, “I’m on it!” Five months later – *cough* – we finally recorded an episode. When we sat down we didn’t even have a name. After I finished editing it I texted Tols and was “Erm, so what do we do now?” Got to love spontaneously creativity though!

Maybe it’s the first of many, maybe it’s a one off, who knows, we had fun either way! (To be honest I’m kinda mind-blown that 106 people have listened to it already!)

In the episode we talk about dealing with trolls and online ignorance, our differing viewpoints on the #BlackLivesMatterUK Shutdown protests earlier this month, the mess that is Christian culture and race, diasporan struggles, Joanne the Scammer and Taylor Swift.

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