Spoken Word: One For Your Pickin [Children]

So, #Brexit happened.

Or it’s not quite happening yet, but people what it to.

Or it kinda happened, and people are regretted they asked for it.



Who knows what’s going on! But what is clear is that we are the political footballs of career politicians who want power for power’s sake and will invoke the name of The People in order to push their own agenda. I’m disgusted, but far from shocked. This is what Politics (the capital P is important) is all about, isn’t it?

A few years ago I wrote a spoken word piece called ‘One For Your Pickin’ about politics and apathy. I wrote it in West African/Nigerian Pidgin English (which was an interesting challenge) and my friend and poet Ruth Sutoyé* performed it and you can listen to it above.

I don’t know what the future holds, but all I know is that you have to fight for your own, because these democratically-elected so-called public servants are definitely looking out for their own interests.

*Ruth’s headline show, Archive, is happening at the end of July, and I am one of a few talented support acts on the night. Tickets are available now.

N.B. ‘One For Your Pickin’ was published in a collection of poetry and photography that I released a couple of years ago. The physical books are sold out, but you can get a free e-book version here.

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