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I have a new column! It’s with Media Diversified and it’s called ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’.

You’re Doing It Wrong is a bi-monthly column by Jendella Benson on parenting, relationships, and the kaleidoscope of small victories, anxiety and unsolicited advice that is modern family life.
Starting on Friday 10th June You’re Doing It Wrong will be a critical look at parenting, relationships, and family life through the twin lenses of personal experience and popular culture.
For example rather than simply writing “10 Things You Need To Consider Before Having A Second Child”, I’ll ask why mothers who already have children are a growing contingency of women terminating their pregnancies.
Unlike a lot of the parenting and family-oriented blogs and articles out there, it won’t be able telling people what to do, but will be more a thoughtful examination of what parenting, relationships and family life looks like in our society, as well as the various pressures, influences and expectations that we face. The aim is also to honestly address some of the uncomfortable realities of family life, alongside a celebration of the chaos.

My first piece is out today and it’s about parenting, legacies, and how I’ve not got any life insurance or a will.

Read it here.

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