Why Are Black Girls Killing Each Other – Or Trying To?

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When Samantha Asamadu first asked me to write about stories breaking recently about black girls dying at the hands of their peers, my initial instinct was to decline as it was quite distressing to think about, let alone try and formulate a coherent and nuanced piece of writing about.

But that was a day or two after Beyonce had unleashed ‘Lemonade’ on the world, and after revelling in the glorious display of black femininity revealed in the visual aspects of the project, and admiring how Beyonce approached her own pain artistically, I knew I had to write about this darker element of our experience.

Everything that I wanted to say was on the tip of my tongue, but that didn’t make writing about it any easier. It’s important for us to define our pain and examine our experiences, although it will always be uncomfortable work to undertake. I may not have the money, influence, or power that Beyonce does, but I must do what I can. So this is me trying.

Read the full piece here.

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