Film Young Motherhood


I’ve been working on a long-term project called Young Motherhood since 2013. It addresses the stereotypes and misconceptions that are associated with women who become pregnant at a “young” age.

I took a break from the project last year, but I’m back at it again, transcribing the interviews and editing footage in preparation for the project’s book and series of short films.

Transcribing is a lot of work, but I’m really, really excited to share the stories of the amazing women who took part in the project. I asked each participant what advice they would give to young women who may be facing the prospect of motherhood at the moment, and to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK I edited snippets of their answers and shared them on Twitter with the hashtag #AdviceForYoungMothers.

I’ve embedded the videos below and this is just a small taste of the insightful conversations I had while embarking on this project. You can find out more about the project here, or sign up to the project newsletter to be kept in the loop with developments.


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